Church is a family. We belong to one another because of what Jesus has done for us and we need each other too. No matter what age or stage we are, we want to encourage each other to live as disciples of Jesus. And it’s wonderful that God provides us with the abilities, experiences and resources to be that blessing to others. At Willows Presbyterian Church we have a whole bunch of ministry teams and it’s such a joy to see people give of themselves to serve and lead.

Jason Smart

Senior Minister

Jason is married to Cath and they have 5 kids (Arthur, Billy, Eliza, Rex and Joe). Both Jason and Cath studied at Moore Theological College in Sydney before ministering at Bathurst for a few years. They joined the Willows team in 2013.

Jason is the 4:15 minister in addition to overseeing the church life at Willows.

Jason and Cath both love the Bible and sharing what it tells us about our great God and they hope to continue to share that good news with the people of Townsville.

Simon Allery


Simon is married Deb and they have 4 children: Henry, Thomas, Nessie and Nelly. They’ve both just completed their studies at the Queensland Theological College (QTC) in Brisbane. They joined the Willows team in 2015.

Simon is the 8:30 church minister in addition to overseeing the Next Gen ministries at Willows.

Simon and Deb both share a strong conviction that the word of God changes us and so it will be a focal point in their ministry

Chris Gargan


Chris is married to Rebecca and they have 3 children: Sammy, Maddie and Alex. Chris completed his studies at Queensland Theological College in 2019 and began working at Willows in 2020.

Chris is the 10:30 minister in addition to overseeing Adventure Club and our Mission Committee.

Both Chris and Rebecca see God’s word as his primary means of reshaping us into the image of Christ and so want it to be central in everything they do.

Luke Doyle


Luke is married to Liz and they have three children: Imogen, Henry, and Anna. Luke completed his studies at Queensland Theological College and returned to Willows in 2024. He is currently serving as the Minister for the 6 pm congregation and overseeing Pressie Youth in Townsville. Luke and Liz are passionate about helping people grow in their love and knowledge of God by encountering Him in His Word and being transformed to be more like Jesus.


Sarah Johnston

Children's Worker

Sarah returned to Willows in 2017 after spending a year in Sydney, studying a diploma at Moore Theological College. Sarah began working full-time for Willows in 2021, looking after children’s ministries. She is excited about her role in training and equipping leaders, and helping kids get to know our great God and saviour.

Cathalina Anderson

Admin Assistant

Cathalina is married to Jeremy and she organises all the administrative stuff that helps free up the rest of church to engage in ministry. When you ring church it’s most likely Cathalina who answers and if she can’t help you she’ll certainly know who best to speak to. Cathalina and Jeremy have three kids, Iona, Milana and Sven.