I'm looking into Christianity

If you’re returning to church after a long break, or you’re just investigating Christianity, we want you to know that this is a place where you can ask questions and expect clear answers.

That’s why we run Christianty explored courses. This course is one that allows you to look at the claims of Jesus in the bible for yourself, and have them discussed in a group setting. It usually involves getting together on a Monday night for 7 weeks. You can preview the course at christiantyexplored.com.

We want to make sure that it is a safe place where you can feel comfortable to ask questions or not. You wont be asked to read, pray or sing and you don’t even have to ask questions. We are perfectly happy if you just wanted to come along and listen.

Woman Sitting Church Religion Concept


If you’re interested in coming along to the next course or know someone who would be interested please contact jason@willows.org.au