Each Sunday we have four different congregations that meet for church. We are also livestreaming our 8:30 service on our Facebook page. 

Regardless of which service you attend at Willows they all prioritize listening to God in his Word the bible and letting it change us to make us more like Jesus. Central to each service is the sermon which aims to clearly and engagingly unpack what God is saying through the bible. We also respond to God’s word through singing, praying and encouraging one another.

8:30 Church

If you’re interested in opening up the Bible and thinking through the essential heart of the Christian faith, 8:30 is a great place to be. While we invest in singing and prayer and spending time getting to know one another, each week we spend a significant part of our time together looking at God’s word. During school term we also offer the kids the opportunity to look into the Bible at a more age appropriate level in our Kids Bible Time program. Even though 8:30 is our oldest service, it’s still a service for all ages and stages, a true ‘family where hopefully you’ll feel warmly welcomed.

10:30 Church

Like 8:30, the priority at 10:30 is opening up God’s word and letting it speak to us and shape us to be more like Jesus. We also love to respond to God through prayer, singing and encouraging one another. 10:30 is a service for everyone with its relaxed feel and people from all ages and stages. Although, a fair proportion of our service is young families. During school term we also offer the kids the opportunity to look into the Bible at a more age appropriate level in our Kids Bible Time program. We would love you to come and join us as we seek to build a warm and welcoming community of people whose lives are centered on Jesus.

4:15 Church

While we have the whole spectrum of ages and stages at 4:15, we seem to have a fair whack of young families. It makes for a really nice vibe when we head out for a chat or the occasional bbq after the service under the shade on the back lawn. The Bible is central to what happens in our service, so hopefully if you want to find out more about God/Christianity this is the place for you (or for your children as we run Kids Bible Time partway through the service during school terms). We’re trying to be a welcoming community of believers and we would love you to come along and join us anytime.  

6:00 Church

We hope that church @ 6 has a relaxed and casual vibe. The Bible talk is front and centre at this service and we hope that this demonstrates our commitment to hearing God speak to us in his word the Bible. The service also consists of singing and praying and often a short interview with one of the regulars. We hope that church @ 6 is a place where people can grow in their relationship with Jesus, through faithful Bible teaching and good Christian community. We would love you to join us and to stick around after the service so that you can get to know some of the peeps over a coffee, hot chocolate or sticky chai.